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Stay Warm, Relieve Pain, Feel Comfortable

Hottle Microwave Heat Pads

100% Safe. No Gel. No Grains. No Boiling Water.

100% money back guarantee - try today risk free!


No gels. No grains. No boiling water. Built in safety features. Over 1,000,000 sold with no injuries.

Long Lasting

Unique, patented thermal core remains warm for hours and can be reused for years.

Soothing Warmth

Radiant, constant and versatile heat. Designed for maximum effectiveness, longevity and safety.

Easy to Use

Simply heat in your microwave and enjoy! Reheat easily and quickly.

Hottle users say:

From a Mum: "I'm sure my kids are not the only ones who suddenly have a tummy ache, sore foot or headache once it's time for bed.  Lol.  Hottles are a perfect bedtime companion to sooth their little bodies/minds."

From her Daughter: "It doesn't stink like your seed heat bag!"

- Midland, Ontario, October 2016

Bought this for my 97 year old mother, and she is very pleased with it. Think it safer than pouring boiling water into a bottle (which could burst or be over-filled). Would definitely recommend this.

- Francis S, July 15, 2015

Pregnancy throws up so many symptoms- from leg cramps, to an aching lower back, round ligament pain and even ‘practice’ contractions! The Hottle has been my go-to for pain relief and comfort throughout my pregnancy. I use it every night while I sit on the couch and then when I wake up at 2am with lower back ache I can quickly heat it up in 2 mins and it provides relief and warmth for another 4 hours, allowing me to get back to sleep, which is priceless at this point!

-Ebony, Perth, Sept 20, 2016